Meet HP

HP Parvizian was born on August 16, 1977 in Washington, DC and moved to Houston, Texas when he was 2 years old with his family. HP’s father Gus was a self-employed Oriental rugs businessman who was the true definition of the American dream, and his mother Giti was a hair dresser, a stay at home mom and the rock for their family. HP’s parents instilled in him the values of respecting everyone, hard work, education, perseverance, and overall the importance of family.

HP grew up working in his father’s business greeting customers with a smile, cleaning the store and one of his fondest memories of his father having him hand out roses to all the women on Mother’s Day.

HP attended Kindergarten, grade school, middle school and his freshman high school year at Second Baptist School in Houston, Texas. In his sophomore year he attended a Marine Military Academy. HP graduated Memorial High School in Houston, Texas in 1995. After High School HP attended the European University in Montreux, Switzerland graduating with a double major in Finance and Marketing and Minored in Public Relations in 2004. Upon graduating he returned to Houston, Texas to help his father in their Oriental rug business as well help manage their real estate holdings.

In 2008 HP’s passion for animals took him in a new career direction where he began training dogs and beginning his conceptual design for a new pet retreat. While working with Sit Means Sit Dog Training he purchased the Houston, Texas location in 2010 and has since expanded to 3 other locations and preparing to launch a new pet retreat concept. HP is a leader and mentor within the Sit Means Sit Dog Training retreat franchise. HP’s passion for animal care has developed into a full-time career of providing quality care for dogs and peace of mind for clients.

HP’s passion for animals turned into community activism through his work with therapy dogs. In 2015 he was asked to become a board member of The Go Team Therapy Dogs. HP is proud of his work with The Go Team Therapy Dogs organization and has seen first hand the importance and benefit of therapy dogs in changing the lives of those they visit. HP has published and been interviewed in numerous magazines and websites for his work with Animals as well as his work with therapy dogs. He also helped start the Pet of the Week program on Radio Station 104 KRBE where a new rescue dog is featured each week to help them find a new home. HP’s own dogs were also hired for a History Channel episode. 

HP also has a passion to help people. He is involved in the Alzheimer’s Association, raising Autism Awareness and advocating for children’s health care. Most recently he volunteered in Houston helping rescue individuals during the Hurricane Harvey flooding crisis.

HP Parvizian is certified pet first aid and CPR instructor. HP conducts lessons for pet owners, pet professionals, and first responders throughout the community. Mr. Parvizian also teaches bite prevention for the United States Postal Service, Centerpoint Energy, educational institutions, and local families. He has also been featured on Channel 2 News in Houston helping with a segment on protection dogs. He also works with the following professional and community groups: BARC Animal Shelter & Adoption volunteer, Bike to the Beach committee member and participant, Autism Walk volunteer, supporter of the fire and police departments, Association of Professional Dog Trainers member, and International Association of Canine Professionals member.

In his little spare time HP is an athlete and is extremely physically active having run several marathons & triathlons, doing skydiving and other extreme sports. He tries to combine his passion for being an athlete and health with helping charity organizations.

HP and his wife, Dounia, his daughter, Sofia, and their three dogs, Kovu, Ghost and Monkey, reside in Houston, Texas.